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The Department of Geography at the University of Bonn (GIUB) is involved in several water-connected research projects. Many of them are realised in cooperation with national and international partners. Here you find a selection of projects:




  • PARADeS: Partizipative Bewertung der Hochwasserkatastrophenprävention und Entwicklung einer angepassten Bewältigungsstrategie in Ghana, (Definitionsprojekt Juni - November 2018), BMBF 2018.
  • Future Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation – Subproject Agro-Futures (A03): Scales of variability, human-environment interactions and patterns in agro-landscapes; Collaborative Research Center 228 [SFB TRR 228] Since 2018 DFG Link zur Projektwebsite
  • MyNex - Establishing an international science network on the Nexus Climate-Water-Food in Myanmar, BMBF Since 2017
  • COAST - Studying changes of sea level and water storage for coastal regions in West-Africa, using satellite and terrestrial data sets (T. Jütten, AG Diekkrüger, DFG) Since 2015
  • Research School (Fortschrittskolleg NRW) One Health and Urban Transformation – recognizing risks, developing sustainable solutions. The regional focus is on the Ruhr Valley, São Paulo (Brazil), Accra (Ghana) and Ahmedabad (India). (AG Evers) Since 2016
  • GlobE: WETLANDS IN EAST AFRICA: Reconciling future food production with environmental protection (AG Diekkrüger, AG Menz, AG Kistemann; BMBF) Since 2013
  • Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32: Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Systems: monitoring, modelling and data assimilation. (Dr. A.Y Bossa; T. Cornelissen; AG Diekkrüger; DFG) Since 2007
  • WASCAL- West African Science Center on Climate and Adapted Land Use. (G. Steup, AG Diekkrüger, BMBF) Since 2011


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