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RG Hydrology - RG Ecohydrology and Water Resource Management

Water is the most important resource of the 21st century and an essential element for the survival of human beings and ecosystems. As floods or high water, water turns out to be a life-threatening risk factor.
This major research area focuses on topics and approaches that deal with current water-related problems like lack of water, water quality, food security and flood and drought crises on a local to global level. All named problems connected with water will increase in many regions because of global environmental change (climate and land use change, demographic development, etc.).

Due to its spatial relation and the analysis of correlations between humans and the environment, geography is the principal science for developing well-founded solutions through interdisciplinary research projects.

Besides the understanding of scientific and ecosystematic processes, socio-economic and political issues are crucial for extensive discussions in geographical water science. Merging results from physical and human geographical research is essential for the definition of sustainable action strategies.

The major research area of Water at the Department of Geography consists of different disciplines of geography focusing on bith natural and sociel scietific aspects and dealing with interdisciplinary approaches to current issues on different scales of space and time.

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