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  • GlobE: Wetlands in East Africa: Reconciling future food production with environmental protection (Kenia, Ruanda, Tansania, Uganda / AG Diekkrüger & AG Fernerkundung)
  • WASCAL: West African Science Service Center on Climate and Adapted Land Use (Benin, Burkina Faso, Elfenbeinküste, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo / AG Diekkrüger)
  • DeMo: Satellitengestützte Detektion und Monitoring tropischer Feuchtgebiete zur Unterstützung nachhaltiger Entwicklung und Ressourcennutzung (Ruanda / AG Greve & AG Fernerkundung)
  • Resilence, Collapse and Reorganization in Social Ecological Systems of Africa's Savannahs (RCR) (Kenia, Südafrika / AG Müller-Mahn)
  • The food-energy-water nexus in the Blue Nile Mountains of Ethiopia (Äthiopien / AG Müller-Mahn)
  • Studying changes of sea level and water storage for coastal region in West-Africa, using satellite and terrestrial data sets (COAST) (Benin, Elfenbeinküste, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal / AG Diekkrüger)
  • One Health and Urban Transformation – recognizing risks, developing sustainable solutions (Ghana / AG Evers)
  • Agro-Futures: Scales of variability, human-environment interactions, and patterns in agro landscapes (Future Rural Africa SFB/TR 228, Tansania / AG Evers)
  • Energy Futures: Infrastructures and governance for renewable energies (Future Rural Africa SFB/TR 228, Kenia, AG Klagge)
  • Green Futures: The politics of ecological grwoth (Future Rural Africa SFB/TR 228, Kenia, Tansania, Namibia / AG Müller-Mahn)
  • Smart Futures? Transforming human-nature relations through mobile information services (Future Rural Africa SFB/TR 228, Kenia, Tansania / AG Verne)



  • Collective financing of renewable energy projects in Switzerland and Germany: comparative analysis and implications for energy transition policies (Schweiz / AG Klagge)
  • Long-Term Alpine Ecosystem Research in the Sierra Nevada, Spain (LTAER-ES) (Spanien / AG Löffler)
  • TUNDRA – Thresholds of Utilisation, Natural self-regulation, Degradation, and Regeneration in the Arctic (Norwegen / AG Löffler)
  • Long-Term Alpine Ecosystem Research in the Norwegian Scandes (LTAER-NO) (Norwegen / AG Löffler)
  • Long-Term Air Quality Monitoring Program (Norwegen, AG Löffler)

  • Food, Convenience and Sustainability (Dänemark, Schweden, Großbritannien / AG Müller-Mahn)


  • PermArg: Rock glacier permafrost in the Central Andes of Argentina: regional distribution – ice content – hydrological significance. (Argentinien / AG Schrott)
  • One Health and Urban Transformation – recognizing risks, developing sustainable solutions (Brasilien, AG Evers)
  • EarthShape 4a: Modelling and budgeting sediment transport, storage and connectivity - biotic effect (Chile / AG Schrott)