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Project RG
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania GlobE: WETLANDS IN EAST AFRICA: Reconciling future food production with environmental protection Diekkrüger/Menz
Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo WASCAL: West African Science Service Center on Climate and Adapted Land Use Diekkrüger
Central Europe:  Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slowakia, Suisse
Human Impact on Colluvial Sediment Storages in Europe since the Neolithic Dikau
Suisse ISPR - Influences of snow cover on thermal and mechanical processes in steep permafrost rock walls  Dikau
global GEOWOW, short for “GEOSS interoperability for Weather, Ocean and Water” Dikau
Suisse Aufbau eines Centre for Natural-Disaster Science mit Research School (CNDS) Evers
Uzbekistan Health Research Capacity & Water‐Related Diseases Greve - GIS
Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan Gefährdungsabschätzung durch Ausbrüche natürlicher Stauseen in Zentralasien (Prof. Dr. J. Herget); Herget
Dendroecological analysis of the dynamics of Lake Mashej, Altai-Mountains, Siberia Herget
Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Suisse Resilient livelihoods and resilient landscapes Ifejika Speranza
Kenya, Suisse Semi-arid areas in transition: Livelihood security, socio-ecological variability and the role of development interventions in East Africa.  Ifejika Speranza
Suisse Collective financing of renewable energy projects in Switzerland and Germany: comparative analysis and implications for energy transition policies Klagge
Spain, Portugal, Denmark Standortkonkurrenz in der Windindustrie? Entwicklung im Spannungsfeld zwischen "alten" und "neuen" Standorten am Beispiel Deutschland/Dänemark und Spanien/Portugal Klagge
Spain Man-Environment Interactions within Highland-Lowland-Conflicts of the Sierra Nevada, Spain Löffler
China Assessing Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Landscape Management - A Case Study in the Bai Ma Xue Shan Area, NW-Yunnan, PR China Löffler
Norway TUNDRA – Thresholds of Utilisation, Natural self-regulation, Degradation, and Regeneration in the Arctic Löffler
Norway Ecological Process Systems and Biocoenoses in the Central Norwegian High Mountains (EcoProCoeN) Löffler
Suisse The Water Balance as a Factor of Landform and Land Cover in the Alpine Cluster, Loetschental, Switzerland, Using a Semi-Empiric Analysis. Löffler
Norway Long-Term Alpine Ecosystem Research in the Norwegian Scandes (LTAER) Löffler
Kenya Ressilence, Collapseand Reorganization in Social Ecological Systems of Africa's Savannahs (CRC) Müller-Mahn
Invasion von Prosopis juliflora im Afar-Tiefland in Äthiopien Müller-Mahn
Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda Translations of the ‘Adaption to climate change’ Paradigm in Eastern Africa Müller-Mahn
Indigenous Knowledge Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Rural Communities Adjacent to River Basins Müller-Mahn
Kenya, South Africa
Trans-local relations and the reorganization of socio-ecological systems in Kenya and South Africa (B4)  Sakdapolrak
Violent Regulation and Social-Ecological Transformation of Wetland Ecosystems in East Africa
Thailand Building resilience through translocality. Climate change, migration and social resilience of rural communities in Thailand (TransRe).  Sakdapolrak
Suisse GO1 MOREXPERT - Entwicklung eines Expertensystems zur Überwachung gefährlicher Felswände Schrott
Ethiopia Failing Seasons, Ailing Societies - Climate Change and the Meaning of Adaptation in Ethiopia Tröger
Pakistan Klima und Wasserhaushalt des Karakorum und Westhimalaya Winiger
Pakistan Indus River Basin Programme Winiger
Pakistan Environmental Dynamics in the Upper Indus River Basin Winiger


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