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Media collection

The map and media collections are located in the basement in room 011 an in the Library.

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Guide to using the media databank

Collated imagery services

Image series with supplementary information, such as source, date created and description, are available for standard themes in human and physical geography as Power Point presentations in the media collection.

PDF previews of image series (updated on an ongoing basis):

Media collection


A wide range of materials for teaching and presentations is available to staff and students in the media collection. Digital material such as photographs, graphics, videos etc. is available through the media databank. Registered users can access the material via the internet and download the required files to their computer.

Where digital copies of slides are required the media collection staff can scan and process the material.


Academic adfministration:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Nutz


Martin Gref




NASA multimedia databank

Image databank for photographs in the public domain


Aerial and satellite photographs

USGS Earthshots: Satellite images with detailed descriptions

USGS Earthshots: Image databank

Teaching satellite geography (Gröbenzell Secondary School)

Image databank of the German Aeroscope Centre



University of Texas Perry Castenda Library

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