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Map Collection

Opening hours

Same opening hours as the Equipment Collection

The map and media collection is located in the basement in room 011

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The map collection of the Geography Department Bonn contains aerial photographs and atlases from around the world, in printed and in digital form. Numerous wall maps and historic maps are also part of the collection.

Map collection
The map collection contains ca. 115,000 maps. These consist of bound map volumes (ca. 850), individual maps and wall maps. The maps are catalogued thematically, by region and by scale. The maps contained in the bound volumes are shown on key maps. The catalogue is only accessible during opening hours. The map collection is augmented by digital maps on CD/DVD.
The bound map volumes focus on topographic and geological maps. The individual maps are largely thematic, and class sets of topographic and thematic maps are available for teaching. The map collection is to take part in the German Science Foundation project GOKART. GOKART is a Graphic Online Cartographic Research Tool, which enables users to access the map collection via the internet using a graphic search interface. The pioneer project GEOTOOL provides an impression of the type of search that will be available (


Wall map collection

The wall map collection contains ca. 1000 wall maps. All of the maps are photographically recorded and catalogued in the departmental media databank. Internet access to the databank allows every registered staff member and student to search the collection for suitable materials. The databank is very user-friendly. The shelf mark saved with each map should be used for borrowing maps.

For detailed information see the media databank



Map archive

The collection of historic maps is administered by the Historical Geography Working Group (Room 209). The map archive collection includes:

  • Tranchot/ Müffling Rhineland survey (1801- 1820)

  • First Prussian Ordnance survey of North Rhine Westphalia (1845)

  • New Prussian Ordnance survey (1895- 1913, 1: 25000)

  • Relief map of the electorate of Hesse (1840- 1861, 1: 25000)

  • Map of the Grand Duchy of Hesse (1832- 1850, 1: 50000)

  • Map of the Electorate of Hesse (1850- 1855, 1: 50000)

  • Map of the area surrounding Cassel (1856, 1: 12500)

  • Gauß Survey of Osnabrück (1834- 1835, 1: 25000)

  • 18thC Hanoverian Survey (1764- 1786, 1: 25000)

  • Papers by Troll/ Lauer

  • Older editions of the 1: 25000 Ordnance survey maps (1: 25000)  


Aerial photograph collection

The aerial photograph collection currently contains around 5000 older aerial photographs and maps, most of which are catalogued by region and thematically, where relevant. The collection is mostly concentrated on the following areas:

  • Bonn and hinterland

  • Siebengebirge

  • Northern Eifel

  • Eastern Alps

  • France, North Africa, Japan and Noth America as a teaching collection

Numerous aerial photographs and smaller photographic series from various parts of the world are also available.
Equipment is available to produce reproductions for courses on the interpretation of aerial photographs, suitable for qualitative interpretations and introductory exercises (4-6 participants). The photographs can be borrowed through the map collection, equipment through the media collection.


Staff and contact

Academic Head:
Prof. Dr. Manfred Nutz


Borrowing and service:
Daniel Kellner and Magdalena Deelmann




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