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Opening hours

Monday until Friday: 08AM - 09PM


Changing opening hours:

Please make sure that you mind the changing opening hours for the following day:

30th of May 2019       Ascension Day       closed


Books can be lend from Wednesday 2PM until Friday 10AM.



The Library

LibraryWith its large collection of books and journals, the Geography Department library is one of the largest departmental libraries in Germany. The books and journals are open access and may be used at work stations in the library. Borrowing is only permitting overnight and at weekends, as the library is a reference library.

Further information on using the library and borrowing books can be found at: User guidelines

Library staff

Prof. Dr. Manfred Nutz, Scientific Head

Antje Pellowski, Chief Librarian

Emilia Lösche, Cataloguing

Maria Sosna, Library Supervision
Andrea Kunze, Library Supervision

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