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International Summer School in East Africa

International Summer School in East Africa on Sustainability in the FOOD-WATER-ECOSYSTEM Nexus in Sub Saharan Africa in support of the SDG’s: Sustainable wetland use

When: 12.–18.03.2018
Where: Kampala, Uganda
Organizer: Prof. Dr. Bernd Diekkrüger, Dr. Constanze Leemhuis and Dr. Yazidhi Bamutaze (Makerere University, Uganda) funded by Volkswagen foundation
Target group: doctoral and postdoctoral young scientist from Sub Saharan Africa and Germany
Announcement and call for applications: pdf

The summer school series is focusing on the complex food-water-ecosystem nexus with respect to selected sustainable development goals (SDGs) and main ecosystems in Uganda, East Africa. There is a strong need to balance the tradeoffs between the different SDGs and the related targets. In Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) further research on ecosystem and livelihood sustainability issues is urgently needed. Here limited water resources and hence sustainable water management play a key role in achieving manifold SDGs and indeed represent a core link in the investigated nexus. The summer school aims at enforcing interdisciplinary scientific exchange and knowledge transfer in order to resolve the central challenges in the interdependent system. Researchers from diverse disciplines will discuss and identify research gaps and needs on the sustainability in the food water-ecosystem nexus and develop an interdisciplinary research concept (proposal) for an integrated regional catchment study. The first summer school planned for 12. – 18. March 2018 focusses on the wetland ecosystem, whereas the following summer schools will target on mountainous regions (March 2019) and drylands (March 2020). The selected ecosystems represent the main terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems of SDG target 15.1 and furthermore key ecosystems of SSA.