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Dr. Anna Schliehe

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

MSC Fellow

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Anna Schliehe joined the working group in May 2021. She also holds a position at the Institute of Criminology and the Prisons Research Centre at the University of Cambridge as a post-doctoral researcher which she joined in June 2016. She is a College Research Associate at King's College Cambridge and will start her Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship at the University of Oldenburg in september 2021.
Anna was awarded a Diplom from the University of Münster, Germany, in 2011 and went on to do a MRes in Human Geography at the University of Glasgow. Anna completed her doctoral research project in 2016 with the title 'Tracing outsideness: young women’s institutional journeys and geographies of closed space'. Her research on the Scottish criminal justice system and its responses to young women in particular is informed by both carceral geography and criminological scholarship. Anna is interested in understanding the nature and experience of closed spaces, connecting empirical to conceptually challenging research.
Anna is the treasurer for the Carceral Geography Working Group.

Laufende Projekte

  • Penal Policymaking and the Prisoner Experience: A Comparative Analysis (COMPEN) finanziert durch ein European Research Council (ERC) Grant, 2016-2012 an der University of Cambridge
  • Women's Imprisonment, Social Control and the Carceral State (WISCA) finanziert durch ein Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship über die Europäische Kommission, 2021-2025 an der Universität Oldenburg


  • Carceral geography
  • Geographies of justice
  • Young people
  • Women
  • Prisons
  • Criminal justice
  • Feminist geography
  • Ethnographic and creative methods
  • Regionale Schwerpunkte: Schottland, England, Norwegen


Journal articles
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Book Chapters
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Other publications

Schliehe, A (with: Crewe, B, Ievins, A, Laursen, J; Mjaland, K) (2021) Research on prisoners’ experiences from Norway and England & Wales. Inside Time - The National Newspaper for Prisoners and Detainees. Link