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Till Rockenbauch

PhD Candidate TransRe


Department of Geography

Bonn University 

Meckenheimer Allee 166

53115 Bonn



Meckenheimer Allee 176, 3. Floor, Room 3.009


Tel.:  +49.(0)228.73-60218

Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Consultation hours:  by arrangement


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Research Interests
Poster Network

Migration Networks, Social Network Analysis,

Socio-Ecological System Research / Ecosystem Services Research,

PRA, Conceptual Modelling

Asia, Mountain Regions


Dissertation Project

Resilience to Environmental Risks and the Role of Social Networks. A Case Study from Rural Thailand. read more...


I am a graduated geographer with a focus on social-ecological-systems research and development studies. Whereas the first years of my studies were more physically biased, I was intensively engaged with the issue of global change and its impact on the resilience of ecosystems and local livelihoods in high mountain regions during the second half of my studies. Accordingly my diploma thesis explored the viability of a participatory toolkit for gaining system knowledge on social-ecological interactions in high mountain regions, by engaging both experts and Tibetan villagers in Northwest Yunnan, PR China. After university I have been working for almost 3.5 years with GIZ, as an adviser on agricultural policies and food security, with a focus on market integration of smallholder farmers. Within TransRe I am actually responsible for Subproject 3 and in particular the “social network perspective”.


Rockenbauch, T. & P. Sakdapolrak (2017): Social networks and the resilience of rural communities in the Global South: a critical review and conceptual reflections. In: Ecology and Society 22 (1):1

Sakdapolrak, P., S. Naruchaikusol, K. Ober, S. A. Peth, L. Porst, T. Rockenbauch & V. Tolo (2016): Migration in a changing climate. Towards a translocal social resilience approach. In: Die Erde 147 (2), 81-94.

Gradl, C.,  Ströh de Martínez, C., Hollmann, D., Schmidt, J., Kükenshöner, C., T. Rockenbauch (2013): Vielversprechende Agrargeschäfte. In: E+Z, Vol.4, p.162

Will, M. & T. Rockenbauch (2012): Contract Framing: Some fundamentals to be considered in contract desgin. In: Rural21, Vol.4, p.31

Rockenbauch, T. (2011): Was Kleinbauern und Unternehmer verbinden kann "Inklusive Geschäftsmodelle" als Prüfstein für ländliche Entwicklung und Ernährungssicherung. In: giz-Brief 2011, Vol.2, p. 26 - 27

Working Papers/ Posters

Rockenbauch, T. & S. Harmeling (2007): Der Wassersektor in der Krise? Die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Wasserversorgung in Entwicklungsländern.

Poster: ‚Analyzing social-ecological interactions in high mountains. Operationalizing the sensitivity toolkit for SES-research in Northwest Yunnan’ (Sino-German Paper Workshop in Kunming, May 2011)

Poster: ‚Ecosystem Services als interdisziplinärer Forschungsgegenstand – Ein Projekt zum nachhaltigen Landmanagement in NW-Yunnan’ (Arbeitskreis Hochgebirge, Jan. 2009)

Poster: ‚Conflicts about ecosystem services reveal the Impacts of Global Change on a high-mountain landscape’ (First Price Poster Award IALE-D Annual Meeting, Nov. 2008)

Lectures/ presentations

Rockenbauch, T. (2017): Translocal social networks as a source of resilience? Conceptual considerations and empirical evidence from rural Northeastern Thailand. Resilience 2017 | Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability 21 – 23th August 2017, Stockholm, 23.08.2017

Rockenbauch, T. (2017): Social networks and the resilience of rural communities in the Global  South. Towards a translocal network perspective. Speed Talk. Resilience 2017 | Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability 21 – 23th August 2017, Stockholm, 21.08.2017

Rockenbauch, T. (2016): Towards a translocal resilience perspective? Conceptual reflections and empirical insights. Connecting the Dots:  Migration - Environment - Resilience, Bonn, 30.09.2016

Rockenbauch, T. (2016): In-between  the rural and the urban:  Translocal social networks as a source of resilience to climate related risks in rural Northeastern Thailand? International Geographical Congress, Beijing, 25.08.2016

Rockenbauch, T. (2015): Translokale Netzwerke und ihre Rolle für Resilienz gegenüber Umweltrisiken. Konzeptionelle Überlegungen und empirische Erkenntnisse am Beispiel Thailands. Deutscher Deutscher Kongress für Geographie, Berlin, 02.10.2015

Rockenbauch, T. (2010): Analyzing Social-ecological Interactions in High Mountains. System Perspectives for Landscape Research in Northwest Yunnan, China. Scaling and Governance Conference - Towards a New Knowledge for Scale Sensitive Governance of Complex Systems, Wageningen, 11.11.2010

Rockenbauch, T. (2008): Biodiversitätsmanagement, Global Change und Entwicklungsperspektiven in NW - Yunnan, Volksrepublik China. Arbeitskreis Hochgebirge, Passau, 19.01.2008

Breuninger, L. Kümper-Schlake und F. Sander, T. Rockenbauch (2007): Desertifikation in Tunesien - Regionale Facetten eines globalen Phänomens, Bonner Geographische Gesellschaft, 11.07.2007


January- February 2003: Tutor for the lecture ‚Geography of Soils’ at the Department of Geography, University of Stuttgart.