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Luise Porst

PhD Candidate


Department of Geography

Bonn University 

Meckenheimer Allee 166

53115 Bonn



Meckenheimer Allee 176, 3. Floor, Room 3.009


Tel.: +49.(0)228.73-2096

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Consultation hours: on appointment


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Research InterestsPoster Internal

Geographic development research, development cooperation and rural development, human-environmental interactions, environmental change, qualitative social research, less developed countries


Dissertation Project

Resilience to Environmental Risks under the influence of Translocal Linkages - A Case Study on Internal Migration in Thailand. read more...


After graduating from the University of Karlsruhe in 2012 where I did a master’s programme in Area Studies/Spatial Planning (M.Sc.), I joint the German Development Cooperation (giz) as a Junior Development Advisor on Geographic Information Systems within the Decentralized Rural Development Programme in Lesotho. For one year, I have particularly been supporting the implementation of the land use and settlement planning process through capacity building on national and district level.

Due to my master’s programme’s focus on developing and transition countries I intensely dealt with social and spatial structures and planning premises as well as development interventions in economically less developed regions of the world. For my master’s thesis (focusing on side effects of development cooperation on social structures in rural Mali) I conducted a short case study in two villages in central Mali using qualitative social research methods in an intercultural context.

I also hold a degree in Human Geography (B.Sc.) from Leipzig University into which I could include stays abroad for study and internship purposes in Tanzania and Bangladesh.


Porst, L. & P. Sakdapolrak (2017). How scale matters in translocality: uses and potentials of scale in translocal research, Erdkunde 71 (2): 111-126.

Sakdapolrak, P., S. Naruchaikusol, K. Ober, S. A. Peth, L. Porst, T. Rockenbauch & V. Tolo (2016). Migration in a changing climate. Towards a translocal social resilience approach, Die Erde 147 (2), 81-94.

Working Papers

Porst, L. (2015): Translocality: Place, Space – and Scale? TransRe Working Paper No. 3, Department of Geography, University of Bonn, Bonn.


Porst, L. & P. Sakdapolrak (2016): Gendered remittance practices and their implications for translocal social resilience:
A case study on internal migration in Thailand. International Geographers Conference, Beijing.

Porst, L. (2015): Deciphering translocal social resilience – Methodological considerations. Workshop: COST Workshop "Combining quantitative and qualitative methods for a better understanding of the climate change-migration nexus", Seville.

Porst, L. & Ober, K. (2014): "Building Resilience through translocality. Climate change, migration and social resilience in rural Thailand - Post-site selection insights". Conference: Multilocality in the Global South and Global North, TU Dortmund, 18 - 19/09/2014.