Kayly Ober

Research Associate/ PhD

RG Environment, Migration, Resilience


Department of Geography

Bonn University

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Website: www.transre.org


Research InterestsPoster Policy

Migration, climate change adaptation, resilience, disaster risk management/recovery, gender, peacebuilding, human security.


Dissertation Project

Governing translocal social resilience.

I am currently a research associate with the research group “Environment, Migration, Resilience” (TransRe). My work will focus on the governance of climate change adaptation and migration. I will carry out a detailed multi-level policy and stakeholder analysis (Eckerberg & Joas 2004) to help guide policy dialogue and suggest how migration and translocality can be mainstreamed into climate-change adaptation policies. read more...


I have over 5 years of experience in the intersections of climate change, migration, adaptation, and security. I have been a consultant with the Climate Change Group at the World Bank, a consultant with the Climate Change and Environment Programme at the Overseas Development Institute, and a programme assistant at the Environmental Change and Security Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. While at the Wilson Center, I often wrote on climate change and migration for the award-winning blog New Security Beat. I have also worked with the Electricity Governance Initiative at the World Resources Institute and served as an administrative and programme assistant at the International Labor Rights Forum. While studying abroad in Chile, I assisted newly arrived refugees with the Catholic Church of Santiago, La Vicaria de Pastoral Social y de los Trabajadores. I hold an MSc in environment and development (Distinction) from the London School of Economics and a BA in international studies (cum laude) from American University. I am fluent in Spanish.


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TransRe Short Course | "Does Migration Move You? The impacts of climate change on migration and the concepts, methods, and policies behind them”, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 26.06.15