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Daniel Schmitt

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Tröger / Research associate Research Group Prof. Tröger

Postadresse / Postal address:

Meckenheimer Allee 166 - D-53115 Bonn

Büro / Office: Geozentrum - Meckenheimer Allee 176

Raum / Room 0.021


E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Tel.: +49 (0)228 73-1653

Fax: +49 (0)228 73-9778

Academic Profile

Current Research


Academic Profile

• Innovation and Technology
• Development Studies
• Globalization
• Data and Computational Social Science
• Research Area: Zambia

 Current Research 

My research focus is on the interlinkages between technology and social structures. Acceleration speed of technological innovation and accompanied globalization dynamics have modified perceptions of cultural structures and are in the constant progress of increasingly influencing these very institutions. My main research therefore broaches the issues of influence production and social transformations through technology and its underlying characteristics.
By understanding the production process of technological innovations and stakeholder’s scope of actions, my research is part of analyzing the reproduction of inequalities and new distributions of power that occur in the field of ICTs in the development context. I work with data and computational social science approaches, as well as qualitative data analysis.


B4: Humangeographie Aufbauseminar (2016/2017| 2017/2018 | 2018/2019)
B5: Societal Transformation and Introduction to Development Studies