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Dr. rer. pol. Patrick Augenstein


Postanschrift: Meckenheimer Allee 166 - D-53115 Bonn

Büro: Geozentrum - Meckenheimer Allee 176
Raum: 1.023

 Associate Researcher - AG Müller-Mahn




Documentary Film Productions

Selected Public Speakings




Visiting Scholar (DAAD funded) University of Victoria, Canada

Co-Founder - Let's Plant gem.e.V., Bonn, Germany 

2018 - 2020

Associated Scientist - CRC 228 Future Rural Africa, University of Bonn, Germany 

Visiting Lecturer (DAAD funded / Master student course) - Kathmandu Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Visiting Lecturer (ReviTec funded / Master student course) - Ngaoundéré University, Cameroon

2016 - 
Founder & CEO - Gesellschaft für internationale Umweltbildung gem. e.V., Germany

2015 - 2017
Associated Scientist University of Bremen (artec), Germany

2014 - 2016
Head of Film Productions - Commonland Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 - 2016
Doctoral Candidate (rer. pol.) University of Bremen, Germany
Reframing Restoration (summa cum laude)
Reviewers: 1. Prof. Dr. Michael Flitner, 2. Prof. Dr. Eric Higgs

2012 -
Film production consultant to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification Secretariat (UNCCD), Bonn, Germany

2011 - 2013
First assistant to the IUCN ambassador for ecosystem restoration, John D. Liu, Beijing, China

2010 - 2012
Film production consultant to the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), Kigali, Rwanda

2009 - 2015
Research Director at the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP), Beijing, China

Research Assistant - Haller Foundation, Mombasa, Kenya

Practical training at the state sponsored broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Studio Oldenburg, Germany

2003 - 2007
Graduation (State Examination) in Geography, Philosophy and English, University of Freiburg i.Br., Germany

2002 - 2003
Studies of Geography and English, University of Cologne, Germany

Practical training at the state sponsored broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR), Baden-Baden, Germany


Exploratory Focus

• restoration ecology 

• political ecology 

• documentary film

• repeat photography



• Documentary Film-AG (Doc-AG)

• European Documentary Film Network (EDFN)

• Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR)

• Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

Teaching Focus

• political ecology & environmental governance

• restoration ecology & sustainable development

• documentary film & repeat photography


Awards & Nominations


When the skies ran dry (GIU) - nominated for Best Documentary Film, International Green Film Festival Krakau, Poland 

When the skies ran dry (GIU) - nominated for Best Documentary Film, American Association of Geographers, Washington D.C., United States

The re-discovery of humanity - ecosystem restoration and migration (EEMPA) - nominated for Best Documentary Film, Malta Film Festival, Malta

Society for Ecological Restoration Communication Award (EEMP) Washington D.C., United States

Hope in a Changing Climate (EEMP) - Best Documentary Film at Green Screen Festival Vancouver, Canada

Hope in a Changing Climate (EEMP) - Best Documentary Film in the category: Ecosystem at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana, USA


Augenstein, P. T. (2017). Reframing Restoration - Rwanda re-photographed 100 years later or the reconstruction of landscape memory. Doctorial thesis (summa cum laude). University Library Bremen (Microfiche).

Augenstein, P. T. (2015). China - Restoring the Loess Plateau. In A. Brasser et al.(Eds), 4 Returns from Landscape Restoration – A systemic and practical approach to restore degraded landscapes. Commonland Publication.

Augenstein, P. T. (2015). Rwanda - Restoring Wetlands and Hydropower. In A. Brasser et al. (Eds), 4 Returns from Landscape Restoration – A systemic and practical approach to restore degraded landscapes. Commonland Publication.

Augenstein, P. T. (2012). Wagenburgwunsch wird Wirklichkeit. In M. Ziel, S. Oßwald, O. Hasemann & D. Schnier (Eds.), Second Hand Spaces – über das Recyceln von Orten im städtischen Wandel (pp.123-125). Bremen: Zwischenzeit Zentrale Bremen.
Publication available under

Augenstein, P. T. (2010). Die Goldenen Dörfer - Anders Leben. Polis - Das Magazin für Urban Development, 4, 62 - 65.

Augenstein, P. T. (2008). Wagenburgkultur in Deutschland – Mit einer Fallstudie zur Situation in Freiburg im Breisgau (Final examination paper / Grade: 1,3).
Publication available under


Documentary Film Productions

2019. Global Rangelands (4K/work in prog.). Director & Producer & Writer. (IUCN).

2019. Let's grow the future together (4K/work in prog.). Director & Producer & Writer. (UNCCD).

2019. The Great Green Wall (4K/work in prog.). Executive Director & Producer.

2019. Greening Africa (4K/work in prog.). Director & Producer & Writer. (SoLogical Foundation, Stichting Wees een Kans).

2019. Novel Ecosystem & The Mountain Legacy Project (4K/10+8 min.). Director & Producer. (DFG, University Victoria).

2019. The end of famine (4K/35 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (DIE, UNCCD, WFP, University Ghent).

2018. When the skies ran dry (4K/40 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (UNCCD, UNU)

2018. Future-making Africa (4K/12 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (DFG, University Bonn).

2018. Ecosystem-based adaptation in Mauritania & Nepal (4K/20 min.). Producer & Writer. (UNEP/IEMP).

2018. Seeing Change (4K/14 min.) Director, Producer & Writer. (SoLogical Foundation).

2018. Greening Kilimanjaro (4K/5 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (Embassy of the Earth).

2017. Ethio trees’ initiatives in Ethiopia (4K/7 min.) Director, Producer & Writer. (University Ghent, Ethio Trees).

2017. Drought resilience - instant responses & long-term solutions (2K+HD /15 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (UNCCD, DIE).

2017. Drought resilience - UNCCD COP Ordos China (2K+HD/5 min.) Director, Producer & Writer. (UNCCD, DIE).

2016. The rituals of restoration (HD/12 min.). Director & Producer. (Stichting Wees een Kans).

2016. Planting Prosperity - Greening Peru (HD/15 min.). Director & Producer (Pachamama Raymi Trust).

2016. The re-discovery of humanity - ecosystem restoration and migration. (2K/ 28 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (UNCCD, World Bank, IUCN).

2015. Forests for the Future - Ecosystem restoration in Ghana. (HD/25 min.). Director. (Form International).

2015. Kofi Annan on Ecosystem Restoration (2K/8 min.). Director & Producer. (Kofi Annan Foundation).

2015. The rules of degradation (HD/12 min.). Director, Producer & Writer. (SoLogical Foundation).

2014. North Korea - The Paektu Volcano - (HD/uncut) Pre-Prod. Assessment. (Werner Herzog Productions).

2014. Sunny Side of Doc in Chengdu - The Environmental Film in China (HD/15 min. x 4). Presenter. (Chengdu TV).

2014. Ecosystem Restoration, Conservation and Religion: Healing the Earth and the Human Spirit (HD/ 16 min.). Executive Director. (CEM, IUCN).

2014. Finding Common Ground in South Africa - Baviaanskloof Restoration. (HD/53 min.). Director. (Commonland Foundation).

2014. The Promise of the Commons (HD/22 min.). Director & Producer. (Foundation for Ecological Security).

2013. Underground Forests of West Africa (HD/12 min.). Executive Director. (UNCCD).

2013. The Blue Gold of the Aztecs - Watershed restoration in Mexico (HD/14 min.) Executive Director, Director of Photography. (UNCCD).

2013. Reclaiming the Commons - Lessons from India (HD/12 min.). Executive Director, Director of Photography. (UNCCD).

2013. Food Security and Landscape Transformation in Ethiopia (HD/30 min.). Scientific Researcher, Editor. (DFID).

2013. Threaten Species of China: The Oriental Stork (HD/4 min.). Associate Producer. (Tianjin TV).

2013. Perennial Paradise - Permaculture in Australia (HD/30 min.). Editor. (PIA).

2012. Andrew’s Experimental Research Forest, Oregon (HD/uncut). Director of Photography. (IUCN/USFS).

2012. Combating Soil degradation in Turkey: The history of TEMA (HD/12 min.). Scientific Researcher, Editor. (UNCCD).

2012. Eco-School Concept in Uganda (HD/15 min.). Director, Producer & Camera. (UNCCD).

2012. Jane Goodall - Restoring Earth (HD/8 min.). Editor. (JG-Institute).

2012. Rio+20 - The Path to Sustainability (HD/15 min.). Scientific Researcher, Director of Photography. (REMA/UNEP).

2011. Rwanda - Emerging in a Changing Climate (HD/30 min.). Scientific Researcher, Director of Photography. (CDKN/REMA).

2011. The Costs of Industrialization: Wealth and Cancer (HD/3x10 min.). Associate Producer. (Tangshan TV).

2011. Miyun - Watershed restoration for China’s capital (HD/15 min.). Produced, written, directed. (IUCN China).

2011. Forests keep Drylands Working (HD/15 min.) Scientific Researcher, Editor. (UNCCD).

2011. Rwanda - Forests of Hope (HD/30 min.). Assistant Editor. (REMA/UNEP).

2011. In Search of Sustainability – Restoring India’s Garo Hills (HD/10 min.). Filmed, written, directed. (IUCN).

2011. Green Call for Mongolia (HD/30 min.). Editor. (World Bank).

2010. Rwanda – Back to the Garden (HD/30 min.). Scientific Researcher, Camera. (REMA/UNEP).

2010. Green Call for China - Concerto (HD/30 min.). Assistant Editor. (World Bank).

2010. Forest Restoration in Nepal (HD/9 min.). Produced, written, directed. (EEMP).

2010. Four Stories on Ecosystem Restoration in Taiwan (HD/13 min.). Produced, written, directed. (EEMP).

2009. Hope in a Changing Climate (HD/30 min.). Assistant to the Director, Scientific Researcher. (BBC).

2009. The Next Steppe – Energy Efficiency in Mongolia (HD/30 min.). Sound Engineer. (World Bank).

2008. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report (HD/9 min.). Research Assistant. (UNEP).

2008. Reshaping Economic Geography (HD/30 min.). Audio Assistant. (World Bank).

2005. Regional news reporting (HD/8x2 min). Location Assistant. (NDR).

2003. Kensho - Japanische Freiheit (SD/8 min.). Produced, written, directed. (Experimental).

2002. Tatort - Flashback (32 mm/90 min.). Set Assistant. (SWR).

2001. A Hard Day’s Night (SD/35 min.). Produced, written, directed. (Experimental).

1998. Morning Glory (8 mm/16 min.). Produced, written, directed. (Experimental).

Selected Public Speakings

2019. Mountain Legacy Summit Victoria, Canada

2017. UNCCD COP Ordos, China

2017. Critical Geography Bremen, Germany

2016. Geographical Society Bremen, Germany

2015. Summer School on Ecosystem Restoration, Wageningen, The Netherlands

2015. Annual Conference - Society for Ecological Restoration, Manchester, Great Britain

2014. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

2013. Initiative of Change, Caux, Switzerland

2012. City Council, Kigali, Rwanda

2012. Nil Forum, Kigali, Rwanda

2012. Center for Conflict Management, Huye, Rwanda

2010. Water Forum, Hong Kong, China

2010. International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Beijing, China

2009. International Science & Technology Book Fair, Pyongyang, North Korea