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PROJECT Failing Seasons, Ailing Societies

Failing Seasons, Ailing Societies

Climate Change in Ethiopia

Failing Seasons, Ailing Societies - Climate Change and the Meaning of Adaptation in Ethiopia

 Coordinator: Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center (HoA-REC)

Scientific Officer: Prof. Dr. Sabine Tröger, Department for Geography University of Bonn 



About the Project

"Before, the clouds bringing rain always came from the north! Nowadays, the clouds approach from any direction and we cannot rely on them" 

Ethiopian Farmer


Temperature increase and changing rainfall patterns have been widely observed and well-documented consequences of global climate change. However, the consequences at the grassroot level remain under researched. What are the impacts on agrarian production and local livelihoods? How are communities and individual farmers interpreting the new environmental conditions and how are they responding to the challenges?


The Horn of Afrika Regional Environment Centre (HoA-REC) conducted a one-year research programme in Ethiopia to find answeres to these questions. The research is owned by the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development´s national programme on Sustainable Land Management (SLM), and supported by GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit; nowadays Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ).

The research covers 13 sites all over the country, conducted by 8 research teams over 24 months of fieldwork.