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Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Rural Communities Adjacent to River Basins 

Empirical and Experiential Evidences from Communities Living along Ngono River Basin, Tanzania.
Researcher: F. T. Theodory

My research project focus on investigating the contributions of indigenous knowledge (IK) on climate change adaptation in Tanzania with specific focus on communities adjacent to Ngono River Basin. In particular, it identifies and documents IK based practices exercised by the local communities in response to climate change, and illustrate the centrality of integrating IK and scientific climate change adaptation strategies for effective adaptation of dilapidating climate change impacts.

The fundamental argument of this project is that, climate change impacts are not new phenomena to communities living adjacent Ngono River Basin as local observations attests changes climate patterns noticeable from inconsistency onset of rainy season, changes on planting calendar, recurring long drought spells, and increasing events of strong winds. Basing on these changes, local communities have generated a sophisticated body of knowledge regarding different changes to their environment which were obtained via experience and passed on from one generation to the other. Despite the rich heritage of experiences, IK is often not sufficiently acknowledged and integrated into formal adaptation strategies. Under the pressure to apply blueprint approaches, IK is even under threat of disappearance due to increasing vanishing of elderly population who are crucial custodians of this knowledge. Two districts (Muleba and Missenyi) have been selected as areas of study due to their proximity to Ngono River Basin.