Kick-off Workshop in February 2018

MyNex project started with Kick-off Workshop in Yangon, Myanmar 


Myanmar is a country with abundant water resources including both surface and groundwater. However, floods, droughts, saltwater intrusion, water quality are causing crucial problems in large parts of the country. More than 65 % of the population in Myanmar live in rural areas. It is an agricultural country, and the agriculture sector is the backbone of its economy. Thus, the Nexus Climate-Water-Food is of utmost interest in Myanmar.

What are crucial research topics and research interests? What scientific expertise exist and what are meaningful future project steps? These overarching questions were guiding the kick-off work-shop of the MyNex Project “Establishing an international science network on the Nexus Climate-Water-Food in Myanmar”, funded by German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). 

Around 40 scientists and representatives of Myanmar authorities showed great interest in the project and discussed with the project partners which are Department of Geography/research group Eco-Hydrology and Water Resources Management (University of Bonn), Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management (University of Kiel), Yangon Technological University, Myanmar Maritime University, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and Delft University of Technology. The project lead is Prof. Dr. Mariele Evers.

image2.jpgDuring the 3-days workshop the roadmap for further activities such as concrete project initiatives, a schedule for a summer school and guest visits from the Myanmar partners in Kiel and Bonn was fixed. Additional to the workshop the researchers from Bonn (Prof. Mariele Evers, Dr. Linda Taft, Nikola Schulte-Kellinghaus) and Kiel (Prof. Nicola Fohrer) conducted a field trip into the delta of the Ayeyarwady Delta to investigated salt intrusion patterns as well as types of drinking water collection and supply in the rural area. 


For detailed workshop agenda please click here