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 Bild des Monats Juli 2017 2017_08_dried river bed Morocco.JPG

This picture depicts the Ounila River, Morocco, in January 2017. Drought is a common climatic anomaly in Morocco.

Nevertheless, the frequency of droughts in Morocco has increased from one in eight years in 1940–1979 to one in three years in 1980–1995 to one in two years in 1996—2002 (Magnan et al., 2011). Recent models show that climate change will likely a strong effect on the Ounila River valley as the agricultural sector is of high importance for the economy and particularly for poor people (Schilling et al., 2012).


Magnan, N.; Lybbert, T.J.; Mrabet, R.; Fadlaoui, A.: The quasi-option value of delayed input use under catastrophic drought risk: the case of No-Till in Morocco. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, v. 93(2), p 498-504,

Schilling, J.; Korbinian; P.F.; Hertig, E.; Scheffran, J. :Climate change, vulnerability and adaptation in North Africa with focus on Morocco. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, v. 156, p. 12-26, 2012,







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