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PhD Theses

Theses in Progress

Ahring, Alexander: Analysis and Evaluation of Source-Related Emission Load Estimates for River Basins

Althoff, Ingrid: Bedeutung von Modellansätzen und downscaling Techniken für die Bestimmung der Auswirkung des Globalen Wandels auf die Wasserverfügbarkeit in Benin, Westafrika.

Danvi, Alexandre: Modelling the hydrological impact of rice intensification in inland valleys in Benin

Gabiri, Geofrey: Modeling subsurface/surface water dynamics under different wetland land use systems in East Africa.

Idrissou, Mouhamed: Modeling the availability of surface and groundwater resources in inland valleys.

Näschen, Kristian: Regional scale wetland - catchment interaction in East Africa.

Poméon, Thomas: Evaluation of the contribution of GRACE soil moisture products in a regional simulation of hydrological processes in West Africa using a multi-model ensemble.

Rabbel, Inken: Analyzing feedbacks in a forest soil-vegetation-atmosphere system.

Schepp, Claudia: Dynamics of matter fluxes in small catchments and their relevance for nitrogen supply in an agriculturally used inland valley wetland in Uganda.

Completed Theses

Lütkemeier, Robert (2018): Determination of water-related vulnerabilities and risks based on water demand analysis.

Op de Hipt, Felix (2018): Soil erosion in Burkina Faso under climate change and land use change.

Azuka, Chukwuebuka V. (2017): Rainfall-runoff processes and spatial variability of soil properties of Koupendri catchment north-west Benin, West Africa. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Lumor, Mawuli (2017): Estimation of streamflow and sediment loads in the White Volta Basin under future climate change. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Sambou, Djiby (2017)Impacts of climate change and population growth on water resources in Lake Guiers, Senegal. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Toure, Adama (2017): Impacts of climate change and population growth on groundwater resources: case of Klela basin in Mali, West Africa. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Yeo, Eugène (2017): Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on WaterResources in the Comoe River Basin (West Africa). University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Yira, Yacouba (2016): Moddeling climate and land use change impacts on water resources in the Dano catchment (Burkina Faso, West Afrika). Completed Thesis

Cornelissen, Thomas (2016): Relationship between Soil Water Content Variability and Actual Evapotranspiration as Affected by Scale and Data Quality in the Wüstebach Catchment (Eifel National Park, Germany) using HydroGeoSphere and Parflow-CLM. Completed Thesis

Sisay Demeku Derib (2014): Balancing water availability and water demand in the Blue Nile - A case study of Gumara watershed in Ethiopia. Completed Thesis

Kassa, Asfaw Kebebe (2013): Downscaling Global Climate Model outputs for Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Flood and Drought Risks, and Water Availability over Baro-Akobo Basin, Ethiopia. Completed Thesis

Belete, Mulugeta Dadi (2013): Sediment budgeting and yield modeling in the ungauged catchment of lake Awassa, Ethiopia.Completed Thesis

Busche, Henning (2013): Modelling hydrological processes in a semi-arid, mountainous catchment at the regional scale. Completed Thesis

Bossa, Y. Aymar (2012): Multi-scale modelling of sediments and nutrient flow dynamics in the Ouémé catchment (Benin) – towards an assessment of global change effects on soil degradation and water quality. Completed Thesis

Dwersteg, Daniela (2012): Spatio-temporal patterns of soil CO2-efflux in a forested catchment of the Eifel national park. Completed Thesis

Hölzel, Herwig (2010): Analyse und Parametrisierung von Landnutzungseigenschaften zur Modellierung von Abfluss, Bodenerosion und Sedimentation im Einzugsgebiet des Wahnbachs (Bergisches Land). Completed Thesis

Kasei, Raymond(2009): Models of probability and risk applied to water resources management in the Volta basin under climate change. Completed Thesis

Klose, Anna (2009): Regionalisation of soil characteristics and modelling of soil erosion risk in a semiarid catchment (Wadi Drâa, South Morocco). Completed Thesis

Claudia Hiepe (2008): Soil degradation by water erosion in a sub-humid West-African catchment – a modelling approach considering land use and climate changes in Benin. Completed Thesis

Emmanuel Obuobie (2008): Estimation of groundwater recharge in the context of future climate change in the White Volta River Basin, West Africa. Completed Thesis

Eleni Ayalew Belay (2008): Growing lake with growing problems: Integrated hydrogeological investigation on Lake Beseka, Ethiopia. Completed Thesis

Benjamin Kofi Nyarko (2007): Floodplain wetland-river flow synergy in the White Volta river basin, Ghana. Completed Thesis

Luc O. C. Sintondji (2005): Modelling the rainfall-runoff process in the Upper Ouémé catchment (Terou in Bénin Republic) in a context of globalchange: extrapolation from the local to the regional scale.

Benedikt Weber (2005): Untersuchungen zum Bodenwasserhaushalt und Modellierung der Bodenwasserflüsse entlang eines Höhen- und Ariditätsgradienten (SE-Marokko). Completed Thesis

Simone Giertz (2004): Analyse der hydrologischen Prozesse in den sub-humiden Tropen Westafrikas unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Landnutzung des Aguima-Einzugsgebietes in Benin. Completed Thesis

Joseph D. Intsiful (2004): Upscaling of land surface parameters through inverse-SVAT modeling. Ecology and Development Series No. 20, Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung Bonn. Completed Thesis

Klaus Stephan (2003): Möglichkeiten der Aggregierung heterogener Eingangsdaten für eine prozessorientierte hydrologische Simulation der Wasserflüsse am Beispiel des Untersuchungsgebietes der Oberen Leine. Completed Thesis

Heye Bogena (2001): Analyzing and modelling solute and sediment transport at different spatial and temporal scales - a case study of the catchment of the Wahnbach River, Germany. Completed Thesis

Michael Herbst (2001): Regionalisierung von Bodeneigenschaften unter Berücksichtigung geomorphometrischer Strukturen für die Modellierung der Wasserflüsse eines mikroskaligen Einzugsgebiets. Completed Thesis

Christian Renschler (2000): Strategies for implementing natural resources management tools - a geographical information science perspective on water and sediment balance assessment at different scales

Helge Bormann (1999): Hochskalieren prozeßorientierter Wassertransportmodelle - Methoden und Grenzen

Martin Kuhn (1998): Untersuchungen zur Auswirkung der Variabilität von Bodeneigenschaften auf die Wasserflüsse - Feldversuch und Simulation

Andreas Lücke (1997): Regionalisierung des Oberflächenabflusses unter Einsatz Geographischer Informationssysteme und multivariater statistischer Verfahren

Klaus-Peter Nieschulz (1996): Mathematisch-bodenkundliche Regionalisierung des Bodenwasserhaushalts


Co-supervised theses completed

Badou, Félicien, D. (2016): Multi-model eevaluation of blue and green water availability under climate change in four non-Saheliab basins of the Niger River Basin. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Böhme, Böhme (2015): Soil water availability in agriculturally used wetlands of East Africa. Universität Bonn. Completed Thesis

Gaba, Charléne (2015): Development and comparative assessment of a rainfall-runoff model for the Ouémé river basin (Bénin), West Africa. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Hounkpé, Jean (2016): Assessing the climate and land use change impact on flood hazard in Benin, West Africa: case study of Ouémé River Basin. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Komi, Kossi (2016): Flood risk assessment in poorly gauged river basins- a case study of the Oti River Basin, Togo, West Africa. University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.