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Jannis Christoph Jakobi (2017): Analyzing and modelling of vegetation and soil hydrological processes to enhance the cosmic ray method.

Nießen, I.-M. (2016): Konflikte bei der Umsetzung des Strahlwirkungskonzepts im Sinne der EU-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie am Beispiel von zwei Hochwasserrückhaltebecken in Bonn.

Jackisch, Dominik (2016): Satellite derived precipitation and potential evapotranspiration datasets as input into the HBV model to simulate the water budget in data scarce West Africa, a region vulnerable to global change.

Engelhardt, Johanna (2015): Calibration of the WaterGap Global Hydrology Model with global-scale evapotranspiration data.

Kebschull, Jenny (2015): Uncertainty in the parameterization of the Land-Surface-Model CLM for estimating evapotranspiration - case study of the Erkensruhr subcatchment, Eifel Nationalpark, Germany.

Jütten, Thomas (2014): Spatial variability of rice yields in an inland valley in Benin.

Kleißler, Kornelia (2014): Assessment of areal drivers and pressures determining wetland degradation in East Africa.

Rippke, Ulrike (2014): Thresholds of crop suitability: When does Sub-Saharan-Africa need transformational climate change adaption?

Fabian, Theresa (2014): Temporal and interspecies dynamics of tree water use - Analyzing sap flow data of an afforestation site in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.

Schepp, Claudia (2014): Evaluating the Effectiveness of Soil Erosion Mitigation Measures in controlling soil loss at the Field Scale for Implementation into a Sediment Relative Risk Model.

Rabbel, Inken (2013): Modeling tree water use and soil water dynamics of irrigated afforestation plantations in Khorezm (Uzbekistan).

Meyer, Nele (2012): Spatial patterns of carbon dynamics on a C-saturation-effected arable field site within six years of fallow.