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The archive of the Department of Geography preserves and catalogs historic documents concerning the history of the department and its members. For the most part, these consist of unpublished materials such as letters, diaries or photographs. 


The largest collections in the archive are the (partial) legacies of the geographers and former department heads Alfred Philippson, Carl Troll and Wilhelm Lauer. The catalogs of these documents can be accessed online. The archive also holds documents relating to Hans Günther Gewehr, Ernst Schmidt-Kraepelin (in particular on aerial photographs) and Rudolf Stickel. Some material arising from departmental business is also preserved, e.g. general correspondence from 1957-1975, course material and Diplom examination regulations.
The archive is located in the basement of the library.


The archive, located in the library stacks of the Department of Geography, is a collection of documents stored at several locations before the department moved to Meckenheimer Allee 166 ("Old Chemistry Building").
Part of the archive consists of the augmented (partial) legacy of A. Philippson (1864-1953). The rest of the collection is made up of the private, business and scientific papers of C. Troll (1899-1975) and numerous partial collections of papers from personalities such as A. Rühl, R. Stickel, F. v. Richthofen, K. Wien, R. Schottenloher, P. Fickeler and E. Schmidt-Kraepeli.

Terms of use

The use of the archive in the Department of Geography is subject to the usual conditions of archival use. As the archival material is stored in the stacks of the library, which are closed to the public, material may only be consulted by prior appointment.


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