Teaching in the research group "Social Geography"

Overview of courses held by the AG Marquardt and information about thesis requirements.


Prof. Dr. Nadine Marquardt

  • Projektseminar: Geographische Wohnforschung, Do. 8-12 Uhr c.t.
  • Vorlesung: Studienrichtungen der Humangeographie, Do. 14-16 Uhr c.t.
  • Seminar: Methoden der Stadtethnographie, Mi. 12-14 Uhr c.t.
  • Seminar: Geographien des Wohnens: Di. 12-16 Uhr c.t.

Prof. Dr. Nadine Marquardt

  • Projektseminar: Prekäres Wohnen, Mi. 10-14 Uhr c.t.
  • Vorlesung: Methodengrundlagen, Di. 12-14 Uhr c.t.
  • Methodenpraktikum: 02.08.2022 bis 05.08.2022, 23.08.2022, 09-16:30 Uhr c.t.

Dr. Sarah Klosterkamp

  • Seminar: Humangeographie Aufbau, Mi. 14-18 Uhr c.t.
  • Methodenpraktikum: 02.09.2022, 06.09.2022 bis 08.09.2022, 16.09.2022, 09-16:30 Uhr c.t.

Dr. Sarah Klosterkamp:

  • Seminar: Global/intime Geographien staatlicher Sicherheit und Kontrolle, Do. 08-12 Uhr c.t.

Final Theses

The basis for the first discussion of the thesis is a 2-3 page synopsis in which you present your research interest, research object and theoretical-conceptual foundations of your work as well as - in the case of an empirical project - the planned methodological approach and establish connections to existing research debates in geography. 
Appointments for consultation hours can be made via doodle. Please send the synopsis by e-mail at least two days before the consultation date.

Topics for final theses

  • On theoretical foundations of social geography (governmentality and discourse theory in geography, feminist geographies, affective and emotional geographies, "new materialism" etc.)
  • In the field of critical urban studies (neoliberal city, planetary urbanism, postcolonial urban theories, etc.) 
  • On topics in political ecology (neoliberal natures, geographies of food, etc.) 
  • On Science and Technology Studies (smart living, GMOs, vertical farming, etc.)
  • Social transformation processes in housing
  • Housing, technology and infrastructure 
  • Housing and nature
  • Gender orders of housing
  • Institutional housing in prisons, clinics, homes
  • Housing in stigmatized neighborhoods
  • social exclusion and urban marginality (e.g. regarding housing shortage, homelessness, social control in public space, neoliberal urban development, urban social movements, etc.)
  • urban technopolitics (e.g., on privatization and remunicipalization of public services, right to infrastructure, governance of large-scale technological systems, etc.) 
  • knowledge and policy transfer between cities, urban policy mobilities
  • urban agriculture
  • "green" consumerism
  • Global and local food systems
  • Land use conflicts (natural parks, agriculture, wildlife, local recreation)
  • Alternative agricultural practices
  • Conceptions of nature, culture, wilderness
  • Conflicts about animals in urban areas
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