Mauricio Estrada

Research Assistant

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Research and Teaching Areas

My research interests focus on socioenvironmental aspects and consequences of urbanisation processes on different spatial and time scales. I approach these areas from aspects of urban governance, socioeconomic dynamics, global agendas in local actors and actions, and the challenges of sustainability for different scales and arrangements of human settlements.

My professional background in architecture and urban studies and planning complement the spatial understanding of human geography towards cities in order to offer deeper understanding on how and by whom are urban settlements being shaped, the socioenvironmental asymmetries resulting from these processes, and the governance mechanisms involved in this interplay.

The seminars I offer to Bachelor students aim to develop a critical view of different areas of human geography as well as a first approach to qualitative research methods and their relevance to take scientific discussions forward. Additionally, I have co-organised academic excursions to Israel and Palestine aiming to analyse the everyday life through the lens of land, development, and power.

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Mauricio Estrada Bolivar

1.007 (211)

Meckenheimer Allee 166

53115 Bonn

+49 228 73-5029

Affiliation 1: GIUB
Affiliation 2 : Research Group Cultural Geography
Affiliation 3: TRA 6

Curriculum Vitae

Currently I have a position as Research Assistant at the Institute of Geography, University of Bonn, in which I do my dissertation project on urbanization dynamics and the implications for water security of the largest cities along the Blue Nile and the Nile Basin. Prior to it, I held a position at the Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography (IfL) in Leipzig, Germany as a Scientific Researcher in the EU-funded project NATURVATION on the governance, management, and challenges of urban nature and nature-based solutions. I graduated in architecture and developed some private and public projects in Colombia. Later on, I completed my master studies on Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design at the University of Stuttgart, Germany and Ain Shams University, Egypt, supported by a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • International urbanism
  • Urban metabolism
  • Urbanization and environmental security
  • Socioeconomic dynamics
  • Human settlements and sustainability

  • Advanced Human Geography
  • Germany - An Introduction into Geography, History, and Politics
  • B4 Humangeographie Aufbau I - Mi 10-12 Uhr
  • B4 Methodenpraktikum - Blockveranstaltung: 25.- 29.07.22
  • B10 7-Tagesexkursion: Israel - Palästina
    Exkursion: 04.-11.06.22

Research Projects

NATURVATION: Nature-based Urban Innovation

Running Time:



Prof. Dr. Harriet Bulkeley (Durham, UK)


European Commission/Horizon2020


DAAD - Scholarship

Running Time:


Awarded for:

Double master program between the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and Ain Shams University (Egypt)


Journal Articles

Estrada, M., Galvin, M., Maassen, A. and Hörschelmann, K. (2022) Catalysing Urban Transformation through Women´s Empowerment in Cooperative Waste Management: the SWaCH Initiative in Pune, India. Local Environment Link to article

Estrada, M., Kotsila, P., Hörschelmann, K., Lazova, Y. and Werner A. (2020) Ensuring Citizenship Rights: Cooperation and Tensions in the Governance of Urban Community Gardens. IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 588 052003 Link to article

Estrada, M. (2020) Seasonal Cities: Patterns of Urban Change in Alexandria, Egypt. CIST2020 Population, temps, territoires, Collège international des sciences territoriales (CIST), Nov 2020, Paris-Aubervilliers, France. pp.642-644. Link to article

Estrada, M. (2019) Seasonal Cities: Temporal Changes in Urban Metabolism. Proceedings of the 12th Conference of International Forum on Urbanism 2019, pp. 383-403 Link to article

Online Publications

Estrada, M. (2019) Puzzle or chess? Looking at the role urban rivers in Latin America play in terms of waste management. Contribution to Oxford Urbanists website. Link to article

Estrada. M. (2019) Predictable Urban Alterations: Dynamics of Pollution in Medellin and its Metropolitan Area. Contribution for LA Network (Network of Urbanists reflecting about Latin American Cities) (Article in Spanish) Link to article

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