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Publications by members of the Department of Geography can be found on the homepages of various research groups or in the annual report. Written contributions to geographical research are published in two journals.


Current Journals

The journal Colloquium Geographicum, first published in 1951, is dedicated to the memory of Ferdinand von Richthofen, the first chairholder of geography in Bonn. The journal publishes mostly Festschriften and outstanding presentations given in the context of Bonn's Geographical Colloquium. 



The magazine Erdkunde (Engl.: Geography) is compiled and published by the Department of Geography in Bonn. The editor-in-chief, additional editors and the editorial management are located in the Department of Geography.

Current publications of Erdkunde can be accessed here.


Former Publications

From 1947 to 2013, the journal Bonner Geographische Abhandlungen published articles about transregional research and methodology, as well as monographs from all over the world.

Arbeiten zur Rheinischen Landeskunde was published between 1952 and 1998. It contained monographs about regions of the Rhineland, especially the regions surrounding Bonn.

The journal Bonner Beiträge zur Geographie - Materialien aus Forschung und Lehre published practice-oriented research results and teaching materials until 2003.


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