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Historical Development of the Department of Geography

Student numbers

The following table shows trends in the number of students.
It clearly reflects the rapid increase in the number of students registered for Diplom courses since the early 1970s, a trend also observable in other German universities. At the same time the number of students registered for teacher training courses have been in decline.
This trend towards professional geographers called for a re-orientation of the courses on offer to include more practical training, an aim which the Geography Department in Bonn is pursuing by appointing external lecturers from the professional world.


Students are differentiated into persons and cases. Persons (=natural persons) are counted only based on their first subject. One person is subdivided into cases, if all of the studied subjects are regarded. The database for this figure is the case statistics. (Click on figure to enlarge)


The development of the number of students since 1886 to WS 2013/14 are shown here.

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