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 Ground Floor


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101 Seminar Room I "Yellow Room"
102 Student Advisory Service (Staff)
103 Examination Office (I. Rawat)
104 Post Office
104a Office (E. Lösche) / Office ED (I. Zeh)
105 Library / Administration (A. Pellowski)
106 Library -Main Entrance- (M. Sosna)
109 Central Section (O. Schlömer)
110 Central Section (Dr. S. Giertz)
111 Central Section (Prof. Dr.  M. Nutz)
112 Central Section, Student Advisory Service (A. Frei)
113 Office Department Administration (A. Gries)
114 Central Section (Dr. S. Hock)
115 Kitchenette
116 Meeting Room "Red Room"
118 Alfred Philippson Lecture Theatre
121 Archive
122 Research Group Klagge (Staff)
123 Research Group Klagge (Staff)
124 Research Group Klagge (Staff)
125 Office Klagge (J. Fabula)
126 Prof. Dr. B. Klagge
132 Prof. Dr. N. Marquardt
133 Office Marquardt (Student Assistants)
134 Research Group Marquardt (Staff)
135 Research Group Marquardt (Staff)
136 Research Group Marquardt (Staff)
137 Photo-/Cartography (F. Pauk)
138 Research Group Klagge (Staff)
141 Research Group Löffler (Staff)
142 Research Group Löffler (Staff)
143 Research Group Löffler (Staff)
144 Research Group Löffler (Staff)
145 Office Löffler
146 Prof. Dr. J. Löffler
152 Office Schrott (R. Müller-Geiger)
153 Prof. Dr. L. Schrott
154 Research Group Schrott (Staff)
155 Research Group Schrott (Staff)
156 Research Group Schrott (Staff)
157 Research Group Löffler (Staff)
  Side Entrance
311 Research Group Herget (Staff)
312 Prof. Dr. J. Herget
321 Research Group Greve (Staff)
322 Prof. Dr. K. Greve



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001 Storage
002 House Automation and Network Administration (H. Böttger)
003 Students Council
008 Laboratory
009 Laboratory of Dendrochronology
010 Map, Media and Equipment Collection
011 Map, Media and Equipment Collection
Mechanical Room
Building Services
Building Services
015 Cafeteria
023 Laboratory (Research Group Löffler Staff)
024 Laboratory (Research Group Löffler Staff)
025 Climate Laboratory
031 Storage
032 Storage
033 Geophysical Laboratory
033a Office (G. Kraus)
034 Storage
042 Geochemistry Laboratory
043 Office (C. Kurth)
044 Laser Laboratory
045 Sample Preparation
051 Storage Equipment Collection
052 Office (Student Assistants) Equipment Collection
  Side Entrance
302 Network Administration (N. Grötsch)
303 Research Group Löffler (Staff)
304 Research Group Herget (Staff)


Upper Floor


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201 Seminar Room II
202 Seconded Teacher (Dr. Nils Thönnessen)
203 Cartography (M. Gref, I. Johannsen)
204 Seminar Room V
205 Seminar Room VI
206 Seminar Room VI
209 Map Collection
210 Seminar Room III
211 Research Group Schenk (Staff)
212 Office Schenk (I. Zerza)
213 Prof. Dr. W. Schenk
214 Research Group Schenk (Staff)
215 Seminar Room IV
221 Research Group Wiegandt (Staff) / Seconded Teacher (M. Krohmer)
222 Research Group Wiegandt (Staff)
223 Research Group Wiegandt (Staff)
224 Research Group Wiegandt (Staff)
225 Office Wiegandt (K. Oltmanns)
226 Prof. Dr. C.-C. Wiegandt
Laptop Workplace
228 Data Processing
  Side Entrance
330 Research Group RSRG (Staff)
331 Research Group RSRG (Staff)
333 Office RSRG
334 Research Group RSRG (Staff)
230a Research Group RSRG (Staff)
230b Research Group RSRG (Staff)


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