Eike Albrecht

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Eike Albrecht

0.023, U.046 (145, 303)

Meckenheimer Allee 166

52115 Bonn

+49 228 73-2102

Scientific Assistant, Lecturer
PhD Candidate (Dipl.-Geogr.)
University of Bonn, Department of Geography
Meckenheimer Allee 166, D-53115 Bonn

Consultation hours: on appointment

Dendroecology, Plant Ecology, Botany, Vegetation Geography, Climatology, Landscape Ecology
Alpine Ecosystems, Highland-Lowland Interactions
Sierra Nevada (Spain), Scandes (Norway), Europe




DOBBERT, S., ALBRECHT, E.C., PAPE, R. & LÖFFLER, J. (2022) Alpine Shrub Growth Follows Bimodal Patterns Across Biomes—Unexpected Environmental Controls. Communications Biology, 5, 739. https://doi.org/10.1038/s42003-022-03741-x

LÖFFLER, J., ALBRECHT, E.C., DOBBERT, S., PAPE, R. & WUNDRAM, D. (2022) Dendrometer Measurements of Mediterranean-Alpine Dwarf Shrubs and Micro-Environmental Drivers of Plant Growth – Dataset from Long-Term Alpine Ecosystem Research in the Sierra Nevada, Spain (LTAER-ES). Erdkunde, DP311202. https://doi.org/10.3112/erdkunde.2022.dp.01

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